Aerobics for the Mind Published

Make philosophy fun! My book of practical exercises in philosophy, Aerobics for the Mind, has been published by WordCrafts Press in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Unpardonable Sin Published

My horror novel, Unpardonable Sin, has now been published by WordCrafts Press in Tullahoma, Tennessee!



The webpage of Michael Potts, Writer of Southern Fiction, Horror, Poetry, and Philosophy

Review of Unpardonable Sin at True Review Online

Attending Stokercon 2016, Las Vegas

‚ÄčI am attending the first annual Stokercon, a convention of horror writers sponsored by the Horror Writers' Association, in Las Vegas. The first session I attended on small presses and self publishing options was great. I look forward to the other sessions and workshops.

Obedience Forthcoming in May 2016 from WordCrafts Press

 What if Satan appeared to you, but in the form of Jesus? Would you be fooled? Sheldon Sprigg is, and takes the false Jesus' words to heart. Satan tells Sheldon to kill his daughter, Ginny, to save her soul. Now Ginny must find some way to survive. Will the help of her friends, her mother, and an elderly neighbor be enough to save her from a war against both her father and the false Christ? Read and find out!