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A deeply moving and passionate book, Michael Potts's End of Summer is a poignant literary novel of childhood and memory. This is contemporary Southern fiction at its best.


Author of Sex and Death, I Suppose and Temporary Agency

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A young boy. An old man. And a journey of the heart.

A college teacher in North Carolina, Jeffrey Conley, returns to his hometown in Tennessee to attend his grandmother's funeral. While there, he visits the field of his childhood where he took a special journey with his granddaddy years ago to "The Thicket," a grove of trees and vines bordering the fenced woods. There he returns to make the journey from field to Thicket, back to his childhood at age nine, a year of unspeakable joy and heartbreaking loss, a summer that, he discovers, molded him more than he could have imagined.

Writer and Photographer