"Michael Potts is a master of finding a macabre twist for his poems. Each poem is a delicious little morsel best read at least twice. Disturbing, thought provoking, and sometimes darkly humorous, HIDING FROM THE REAPER will keep you coming back for more like a sinfully satisfying box of dark chocolate, and once gone, will have you wishing for more. My favorite was "Uncle Clark's Change," where Uncle Clark is not quite himself anymore. Other favorites include, "Black Moths," "Cleaning Prey on Thanksgiving Day," "Drama Queen Karma," "Wish Granted," and "Scaling and Cleaning" and the wickedly humorous "Bagging Prey."

 --Susan Sullivan, author of The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama and The Weredog Whisperer.


"Michael Potts brings a refreshing voice to the world of contemporary poetry; hope, sorrow, joy, grief, and fear reside within his collection, Hiding from the Reaper and Other Horror Poems. It was a true pleasure to read. Michael Potts is a poet to watch."

--Michael Randolph, author of the bestselling poetry collection, Missives in Red and owner of Eldritch Press. 

Hiding from the Reaper and Other Horror Poems