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Writer and Photographer

About Me:

​I am a philosophy professor at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina who has enjoyed creative writing since I took my first class in poetry in 1998. I am a graduate of The Writer's Loft (Now MTSU Write) at Middle Tennessee State University and the Odyssey Writing Workshop in Manchester, New Hampshire. A native of rural middle Tennessee, I make that area the setting of my novels. Photography is a newer interest, but I am fascinated with how photography can become a true art form. I have been married to Karen since 1987, and although we have no children, we take care of our four cats: Frodo, Pippin, Rosie, and Bilbo. I enjoy playing chess, reading, vegetable gardening, canning, listening to music of almost all types (classical, jazz, classic rock, heavy metal, Southern gospel, bluegrass). I hope you explore this site and hopefully find a good story to read that keeps your interest and helps you see the world differently than before.


Perhaps you are attracted to the sense of home created by rural Southern Fiction. You may be a person who enjoys bone-chilling horror. You could be someone who enjoys relaxing in a lawn chair under a tree and reading poetry. You may be the intellectually curious type who would love to learn about philosophy in a fun, exciting way. You might enjoy photography, whether the photos be abstract fine art photos, nature photos, photos of historic places, or horror photos. If you enjoy any or all the above, you have found the right place.